Bronze Bill

Arti, thank you so much for the stunning Bronze Bill original. It is simply stunning. I can't wait to give it to my wife for Christmas, she will love it more than I do!!
I'm sure I'll be in touch in the future!!
Matthew Hyde

White Knight

Arti, Thank you so much for recreating another masterpiece with the White Knight . I love him so much and can't wait to display this dashing creature in my kitchen! I am particularly intrigued by the way you captured his personality.
Susan Crowe

Your work

What a wonderfully talented artist you are. You have mastered a range of media to create vibrant images of a wide range of subjects. A pleasure to see.Your watercolours, in particular, are stunning.
Simon Churchill

Love your work

I love your work. It is very free and fresh.I am trying to learn how to paint animals and these paintings have given me a lot of inspiration. Thank you


Hi, my daughter gave me a piece of your art work for Mother's Day. It is called "True Love" . I absolutely love it and would like to say that your work is amazing.Once again thank you for producing this piece.
Susan Ball

your work

Your paintings of animals are wonderful. I love your style.

happy Go lucky

I find all you work wonderful especially the animal paintings.
Helen Thomas

Hi there

I just have to say I love your work.I'm so amazed how beautifully you paint & I'm so drawn to it.

Beautiful expressive animal painting

Dear Ms Arti Chauhan, I think you managed to get the inner feelings of these animals.Beautiful.Congratulations for your talent.
Simone Einstoss Granado

Beautiful work

I love your work, Arti; especially the animals. Wonderful, lively and fresh.

Watercolour portraits

Excellent set of portraits Arti.


Nice site.You are just so talented. I particularly love Nostalgia, Gray and man with glasses, but then of course, they're all excellent.
Fred Walsh

Nice site

Hi Arti.
Nice website. You have grown and developed a nice body of work.
Keep on trucking.
Stan Hughes