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I am a portrait and figurative artist with a love for nature and wildlife. Born and brought up in India, I now live in Basingstoke,United Kingdom.

I am largely self taught and have learned by observing, practicing and experiment. Art has had a constant presence in my life whether as a hobby or my previous job as a computer animator and illustrator. My career as a professional artist took off about five years ago when I held my first solo exhibition in Basingstoke, in year 2011.It encouraged me to become a full time artist and now I enjoy spending every waking hour creating art.
From graphite pencils to pastel; and from oils to watercolors; I have experimented with almost every medium but its watercolor that has charmed me the most by its freshness and spontaneity.Lately I have been experimenting with impressionism, painting loose and expressive rather than realistic.It works well for my animal paintings which have been appreciated and well received by a large section of people around the globe.These are atmospheric paintings and people are able to feel an emotional connection with them, which is the driving force behind my art.I hope you enjoy my work.Please feel free to send me a message if you have any questions.

Exhibitions and Shows:

Upcoming Exhibition- FABRIANO in Watercolor 2017 ITALY April 2017
Group Exhibition RHC Hospital Winchester; November 2016- January 2017
International Watercolor Society NEPAL exhibition November 3rd -10th 2016
1st International Watercolor Biennale Hong Kong; 13th-16th October 2016
Group Exhibition Winchester Art Club, Winchester September 2016
Group Show Spring Exhibition Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke May 2016
Group Exhibition RHC Hospital Winchester: April 2016
Group Show: Willis Museum Basingstoke; September 2015
Spring Show BAS Proteus Creation Space ,Basingstoke; May 2015
Spring Show BAS Proteus Creation Space, Basingstoke; April 2014
Basingstoke Art Club Show Willis Museum ; September 2013
Group Show: “Spring Exhibition” at Q M College, Basingstoke; May 2013
Group Show: Willis Museum Basingstoke; March 2013
“Women’s Art Show” Fairfields Art Center, Basingstoke; March 2013
Group Show : Basingstoke Art Club, Basingstoke; September 2012
Group Show : “Best of Basingstoke” ; July 2012
Group Show: “Spring Exhibition” at Q M College, Basingstoke ;May 2012
Solo Show: Fairfields Art Center, Basingstoke; September 2011